toofprints is a side project exploring contemporary graphic design in a public space — Alice Yard. Curated by toof in conversation with Erik Brandt, founder of Ficciones Typografika

The exhibition surface is a 50 3/4"(W) x 39 1/2"(H) concrete slab, fitting up to two 25 3/8"(W) x 39 1/2"(H) posters, side by side.

Call for Submissions:

Graphic design work that is typographic and pertaining to your native language or dialect is encouraged. The one rule is that the poster(s) should be black & white ONLY. If there is bleed, please include crop marks. Everything else is up to you — content, theme, etc. Also, please remember that the space is public. Poster(s) will be printed on white bond paper.

This is an ongoing project, so there is no deadline. Please submit your work via email to notsirkdesign (at) gmail (dot) com in PDF format. Don’t forget to include crop marks if your work requires bleeds. Thanks.

Kriston Chen, Toofprints 001-002 (50 3/4'' x 39 1/2''). Installed on May 12, 2016.

Submission Notes:

i. Not all submissions will be accepted. Those that are accepted will be notified but it may take some time before your poster is wheat pasted.

ii. Your poster, along with a link to your preferred website, will be featured on the project pages: ElloInstagram and Facebook.

iii. Posters are printed at the curator’s own expense. If you agree to participate, a collection of these posters may be printed sometime in the future in a newsprint format, same size. Any profit gained from that will be reapplied to the next publication. Contributors will receive one copy of the publication gratis, if and when it is created.


i. Poster Dimensions: Up to two 25 3/8"(W) x 39 1/2"(H) or 64.45cm x 100.33cm posters — Vertical Orientation ONLY. 

ii. Colour: Black only. Please leave a .25" white border on all four sides but bleeds can also be accommodated, please include crop marks if so.

iii. File Format: PDF, grayscale, flattened.

iv. Paper: white bond (currently available).


toof: foot backwards.


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Send questions and comments to:
notsirkdesign (at) gmail (dot) com

Erik Brandt, Toofprints 003-004 (50 3/4'' x 39 1/2''). Installed on May 18, 2016.